June 30th, 2008

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Day o' Photography

I went to see the Moriyama Daido show at the Tokyo Museum of Photography today.  It was interesting, in particular he loves images with lots of pure black, so he managed to make even Hawaii seem like a dark and foreboding place!  That was am impressive achievement.

Besides that, though, the museum also had the World Press Photographer's Association pictures of the year.  They were awesome, and sobering.  There were a fair number of pictures of Afghanistan, some haunting images from Colombia, and of course a lot of photos from Palestine.  Many other thought-provoking photos were there, including a surprising number of compelling sports photos. 

The two shows were almost polar opposites in term of accompanying information:  Moriyama says *nothing* about the context of his photos, even the titles are just "Shinjuku" or "Buenous Aires".  The press photos are a part of journalism, so communicating the story that goes with the photo is the core of their craft and even in a show of arresting images, they made sure the accompanying materials were copious.