July 27th, 2008

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The Seoul Times

Got into Seoul Thursday night late, nursing a sore throat. We had dinner next door (good Korean BBQ of course) and drinks later served with seaweed wrapped around squid wrapped around peanuts (awesome snack food). Dinner Friday at a Japanese place, it was not so notable.

But Paul and I and his friend Shi went out late that night to Atay, a Moroccan Cafe in the Hongik University neighborhood. That was awesome, a total must-do for quiet-bar-out in Seoul. Sit on cushions around low tables, order wine (and appetizers if you want) from the nice wine list (mostly Chilean). It's downstairs and tricky to find even if you know it but worth the search (no URL afaik).

That wasn't so good for the throat so I could barely talk Saturday. We worked until about 10pm, so we just grabbed BBQ at a local place. Good but unremarkable other than that Jinny and Teddy made me try Bundigie (google it if you really want to know). I don't gross out easily so I ate several, but it's not something I'll particularly order myself (I also noted that Jinny and Teddy, the Koreans at the table, didn't take it upon themselves to finish the bowl either).

Today we saw the first half of Red Cliffs, John Woo's epic adaptation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, in the theater (I would have seen Wall-E, but it doesn't open here until Friday, that's high on my list when I get back to the states). It was epic all right, it's what Cecil B. DeMille would be making if he were alive and Chinese. It was in Mandarin with Korean subtitles so I don't feel qualified to comment too much on the story, but I know the basic outline of the plot from the book so it was understandable enough.