leovitch (leovitch) wrote,

Hillary turns further and further to the dark side

I'm growing ever more disgusted with Hillary Clinton's campaign. The capacity for innuendo, tricks, and underhandedness that I always worried was there is becoming more and more evident. It started with arguing that the sham elections in Michigan and Florida should be counted. Sorry Hillary, but as you agreed last year, rules have no meaning if you don't actually stick to the rules. But lately it keeps doing downhill every couple days:

We need to realize that propagating this kind of innuendo, attack politics is how we got to a situation where people feel disenchanted and disenfranchised -- which is turn is the greatest threat to democracy of all. If Hillary wants to debate issues, that's fine (although it's hard since she and Obama hardly differ on issues). But we've had enough of attack-machine politics no matter which party the initiator is a member of.
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